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Your lifetime legacy was built so that you can preserve and pass it to those you love. 

At Lou Lawyers we help you achieve your estate planning goals with caring guidance and insightful legal expertise. Focusing on sound legal counsel and custom-drafted documents, our decades of legal experience allow us to craft the personalized strategy that suits each individual client or family.

A Complete and Comprehensive Estate Plan

A Complete estate plan typically consists of some (or all) of the documents below. Lou Lawyers will explain the functions and benefits of each one and help you select the necessary estate planning instruments.

· Revocable Living Trust

· Will

· Pour-Over Will

· Power of Attorney

· Advance Health Care Directive and Living Will

· HIPAA Waiver (Health Care Privacy Waiver)

· Guardianship for Minor Children

· Deed transferring real estate property to Living Trust

· Assignment of Assets to Living Trust

· Certification of Trust

Our objective is to create peace of mind. We partner with you to devise the estate plan that reflects your needs and intentions.

Review and Update an Existing Trust or Will

If you have an existing Will or Trust (or both) it should be reviewed and updated periodically. There are a number of factors that can affect the intended outcome of your current plan, such as changes to tax and estate planning laws. Additionally, a shift in family dynamics, a significant development that impacts the value or type of assets, or the event of births, deaths and divorces – all of these common life events can indicate the need to reassess the current structure of your Will and/or Living Trust as well as other related documents.

Trust Administration upon Death

It is vital to seek the proper legal and tax advice and to administer an estate properly when there has been a death – and this includes the death of a spouse. There are key issues to analyze and assess, and some may need to be completed by the appropriate deadline in order to assure the best tax and financial advantage. These can include, but are not limited to:

· Proper and timely notification of beneficiaries and heirs

· Expert Valuation of Assets, including:

       - Estate Valuation

       - Establishing Tax Basis of Assets

       - Obtaining Qualified Real Estate Appraisals

· Making Tax Elections and filing an Estate Tax Return

· Preparation and recording of Affidavit of Death to remove deceased from title to real estate   property and financial accounts

· Transfer of assets to beneficiaries


Probate is the legal process by which assets are distributed if an individual dies and leaves a Will or dies without an estate plan in place. This  court process determines the outcome of the decedent's estate and ultimately distributes the assets to beneficiaries. We can manage your probate process from start to finish.

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